Lubricating Waxes - Dry lubrication made easy

The right lubricant can make the assembly of small parts considerably easier. Our lubricating waxes ensure your surfaces are dry to the touch for clean and quick working processes while protecting your components reliably against corrosion.

Post date: 01-10-2014

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Lubricating waxes form a dry to the touch layer on the surface to ensure reliable lubrication while reducing boundary and mixed friction. Dry lubrication offers you many benefits: small parts like bolts, bushes or rivets can be installed without difficulty. Our lubricating waxes prevent squeaking hinges and ensure smooth running and operation of parts in frictional contact. While greases are often very susceptible to contamination, the surfaces of wax-lubricated components stay cleaner. Additionally, waxes reliably protect components like chains and cables against corrosion.

Sáp bôi trơn Kluber - Giải pháp bôi trơn khô dễ dàng

We will be happy to advise you in selecting the right lubricant. Our lubricating wax Klüberplus SK 02-295, for instance, is suitable for many different applications. It is registered as NSF H1 and can be used for the lubrication of food-industry components that have incidental, technically unavoidable food contact. With Klüberplus SK 13-398, you can lubricate and protect steel cables against corrosion and wear during the production stages.

Long-term lubrication for chains
Dust, dirt and lint influence the function of your chains in the long run. Our lubricating waxes protect this important component against contamination and premature wear. They should also be your first choice for chains in frequent contact with humidity.

Our lubricating waxes for chains, for example Klüberplus SK 11-299, are applied via warm immersion baths. Once dried, the lubricant protects your component for an extended time, sometimes even for the entire lifetime of the chain.

Wax emulsions - the cost-efficient lubrication solution for mass-coating
Wax emulsions are particularly suitable for simultaneous automatic lubrication of a high number of small parts, as they are easy to apply. The water contained in the emulsion evaporates during the drying process, leaving a film that adheres reliably to the surface. Use our wax emulsions, for example Klüberplus SK 12-205, to coat bolts, rivets or self-tapping screws quickly and cost-efficiently. Additionally, you can speed up subsequent processing and assembly steps due to the low friction of the components.

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