• Production lines

    Production lines

    We design, produce and install production lines industrial ex: soft and hard rolls, all kind of (pan) bread, puff pastry products, bake-off products, convenience foods, others...

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  • Dryer


    Fluid-bed dryers and coolers form the output stage of the production process for a large number of products in both the chemical and the food industries.

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  • Mixing machine

    Mixing machine

    We are a prominent Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Carbonated Beverage Mixing Machine. The Mixomatic units are designed for the production of soft drinks containing Carbon Dioxide.

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  • Filling Machine

    Filling Machine

    The most widely used filling machine in small bottle filling operations because it handles a wide range of liquids at a modicum of cost. Ease of cleaning, ease of setup and expandable output makes this machine a favorite of growing companies. Used for free flowing liquids with very small to no particulates, it is adept in foam control and often used in fill-to-level glass applications.

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  • Packaging Labeled Machine

    Packaging Labeled Machine

    With excellent design and manufacture experiences, we can provide all kinds of need for different fields of label and packing machines. Together with more analysis and improvement in the mechanical construction, wisdom control, high product,

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  • Conveyor Industries

    Conveyor Industries

    We can supply conveyors to a wide range of industries globally and would be delighted to work with you on your next project.

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  • Mechanical processing

    Mechanical processing

    mechanical processing

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