Klübersynth BH 72-422 Greases for rolling and plain bearings

Klübersynth BH 72-422 High-temperature lubricating grease for low-speed bearings, patented hypbrid greases concept for the long - term lubrications of slow, large rolling brearings, plain bearings and sideways.

Klübersynth BH 72-422 Greases for rolling and plain bearings

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Product description
Klübersynth BH 72-422 is a synthetic high-temperature grease with a patented formulation based on ester and perfluorinated polyether (PFPE) oils. The outstanding characteristics of this innovative lubricant are good oil retention when subjected to thermal load and excellent thermal stability, enabling the product to withstand service temperatures above approx. 150 °C. Many applications do not require pure PFPE/PTFE greases and for that reason Klübersynth BH 72-422 closes the "operating temperature gap" between conventional products based on hydrocarbon oils and pure PFPE/PTFE lubricants. However, a permanent operating temperature of 180 °C should not be exceeded in highly loaded roller bearings with a C/P load ratio of < 8.

Benefits for your application

  • Longer service life compared to conventional greases based on ester oils
    • due to the extremely high ageing stability of the PFPE oil contained in the lubricant
  • Lower lubricant costs compared to perfluorinated polyether greases
    • due to patented hybrid grease formulation

Main product data of Klübersynth BH 72-422

Content Informations
Item No. 094072
Product Klübersynth BH 72-422
Colour Beige
Thickner Polyurea, solid lubricant
Base Oil PFPE, Ester Oil
Worked penetration DIN ISO 2137 [0.1mm], approx. 265 to 295
Base Oil viscosity DIN 51562[mm2/s] at approx. 100oC/212oF 34
Base Oil viscosity DIN 51562[mm2/s] at approx. 40oC/104oF 420
Lower service temp. --20oC / -4oF
Upper service temp. 220oC / 428oF
Speed factor n.dm[min-1.mm], approx. 300000


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