Lubricating Kluber

Lubricating oil Kluber

Lubricating oil Kluber

  • Kluber Grease Lubricating

    Kluber Grease Lubricating

    Greases are the best choice if the lubricant is to stay in place at the friction point long term. Not only do they provide good lubrication; they also protect the friction point against external influences like splash water, humidity, contamination, corrosion and wear.

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  • Kluber Lubrication oil

    Kluber Lubrication oil

    Things run smoother with the right lubricating oil. Speciality lubricating oils with good penetration and wetting abilities protect reliably against friction and wear. It's important to select the right oil for your application and you will find the matching solution for your application in our wide product range.

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  • Kluber Corrosion inhibitors

    Kluber Corrosion inhibitors

    Corrosion may cause considerable damage to your machines and installations which are often exposed to friction and wear. Our speciality lubricants lubricate your components and protect them reliably against corrosion.

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  • Kluber Lubricating pastes

    Kluber Lubricating pastes

    Kluber Lubricating and assembly pastes are often used under extreme conditions – for example with temperatures up to 1200 °C, where there are high-frequency oscillations or at very low speeds.

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  • Kluber Lubricating waxes

    Kluber Lubricating waxes

    The right lubricant can make the assembly of small parts considerably easier. Our lubricating waxes ensure your surfaces are dry to the touch for clean and quick working processes while protecting your components reliably against corrosion.

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