Optibelt Belt

Optibelt Belt

OPTIBELT leads the industry in power transmission product performance because of our manufacturing expertise and investments in engineering and technology

  • Optibelt V-belt

    Optibelt V-belt

    The special belt design allows for high dynamic loads and excellent power transmission and control characteristics. This product features high-quality fibre-reinforced rubber components combined with low-stretch tension cords and a cover fabric.

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  • Optibelt Kraftbands

    Optibelt Kraftbands

    The kraftbands are recommended to be used when dealing with extreme impact loads, vertical running shafts, large centre distances and many other special tasks in the field of machine and vehicle construction.

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  • Rubber Timing Belt

    Rubber Timing Belt

    Optibet RUBBER TIMING BELTS, The following product characteristics are expected: long service life, maintenance-free, high level of power transmission and antistatic behaviour in accordance with ISO 9563,

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  • Polyurethane Timing Belt

    Polyurethane Timing Belt

    Optibelt POLYURETHANE TIMING BELTS, The flexible range of sections and lengths generate a host of drive solutions. The thermoplastic polyurethane surface is ideal for the application of various coatings and cams and lugs may be welded on.

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  • Optobelt Ripped Belt

    Optobelt Ripped Belt

    Timing belt with additional ribbed PK belt section on the backside of the belt is perfect for use in mills, e.g. food, corn, fruit and flour mills, where the backside pulley has a reversable direction and slipping is necessary when the drive blocks.

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  • Other belt

    Other belt

    Storage is simple and economical. With Optimat belts, it is not necessary to store different belt lengths for all possible uses in the warehouse. Optimat belts can be cut to the correct length according to the required drive on location.

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