2. Abbreviation: NGUYEN TUNG M & E 
3. Year of Establishment: 2006
4. Business license;  Number 0309404174 dated 15/5/2006 for the first time and registered 1st amendment dated 14/3/2012 with enterprise code 0309404174.
5.  Charter capital: 13.4 billion (in words: Thirteen billion four hundred million Vietnam dong)
6. Headquarters: 135 No 1A Str., Quater 5, Tam Binh Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City
- Telephone:         08 3727 2213 
- Fax:                     08 3727 2214
- Website:   
- Email:       
8. Manufactory - Warehouse:
- Address:         135 No 1A Str., Quater 5, Tam Binh Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City 
- Telephone:      08 3727 2213 | Fax: 08 3727 2214
9. Production capacity:
Nguyen Tung unit operational experience in the field of manufacturing. Our task is to make all kinds of machinery, equipment and production lines, conveyors working ... replacing the line imported products of the same type.
We are processing units reputable equipment stainless steel materials such as tables innox, innox cabinets, doors innox ... used in the processing plant and production as well as residential use.
10. Commercial capacity:
Nguyen Tung is the supplier providing all kinds of products bearing brands INA - FAG, FKS, NKS ..., conveyor belts Optibelt and  lubrication KLUBER.
11. Mission and Vision
Clear understanding of the national construction and social progress than any individual. We are gradually developing, striving to become the linchpin in this development. Relentless innovation, striving to create valued products and services of high quality at reasonable prices gradually replace imported products. Pioneering integration with the mechanical engineering industry in the world.
12. Partners - Customers
Desired markets, reached out in the world, the customer is identified core values ​​to survive, nearly 10 years of operation in the development process have established and maintained strong relationships with a number of large customers and partners in many cities across the country. The strong development of our reach, thanks to the quality of products and services that support company committed to bringing our customers. So far, we have received the support and long-term cooperation with many partners and leading manufacturers such as: Quang Minh Pharmaceutical Factory, Hau Giang Pharmaceutical Factory, Seafood processing plant in Long An. ..
13. Human Resource Development
Valuing human resources development is a vital element of the company, improve human resource development and in-depth, specialized work.
Current number of 79 employees which has 9 officers on the college level, most of the rest comes from engineers, undergraduate and high-tech workers. Investing in people is a strategic investment, is the surest basis for sustainable development. Each year, we continue to send many factors with the prestigious training centers, to improve skills and develop each employee's forte.
14. Reward  - Social Policy
We do not fully participate in the regulation of social policy such as health insurance, social insurance, charitable activities, raising of funds ... but also for a certain financial covenants to encourage and renewable energy workers. The regime rewarded quibble, fair strive staff no longer have to pay to use.
15. Culture:
Nguyen Tung build a friendly working environment - solidarity, promote highly creative spirit and enthusiasm of Labour staff in the company. Creating an ideal opportunity for employees to express themselves, develop their careers. Always pursuing the advancement and continuous improvement to enhance work efficiency, build growing businesses. Ensure confidence and peace of mind for investment partners with the company.